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Accidentally deactivated all calendars on android 10


Ops, yesterday I accidentally deactivated the calendar on my Android 10 device. How does that happen? I was trying to get rid of some bloatware. And while deactivating packages with the ADB I thought something like reducing the apps to a minimum.

Because it took me a few hours to identify the problem (I disabled the apps yesterday and realized the problem today), here is the small "how to re-enable the calender"-tutorial.

The problem after was, that directly after launching an (any) calendar, the app was closed by itself immediately. So the mission was obvious: enable to needs package. But which packaged was it? The first step was to identify the correct package. Because I only disabled the apps (and didn't uninstall them) I was able to use the following adb command to show a list of all disabled packages: pm list packages -d. After searching the list I found the following packages:

  • com.android.calendar
  • com.android.contacts
  • com.android.providers.calendar

I used the following command to reinstall the apps: pm install-existing package  (replace package with the packages from above). And that was it!

And a word to the idea to enable the packages by installing a default app from Google Play Store: Didn't work ..

Mai 10, 2020

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